I seek an understanding of the relationship between social media sites and mobile new media, users, and the so-called “internet of things.” I am interested in seeing how social media and neoliberalism coalesce in shaping the practices and experiences of people in the real world. Is social media now constitutive of our experiences and lived realities in the offline world? If so, what are the meanings produced by this coalescence? My aim is to discover how institutions like art galleries and museums, but also businesses (big and small), and community institutions, have reshaped their practices for attracting attention based on the similar logics of the platform design data determinism and the entrepreneurial curation of identity.

As well, with the knowledge that mobile new media makes people much more visible in a new way – i.e., with new practices of surveillance and “sous-veillance,” where our offline actions and behaviours can be recorded and posted online almost instantly – how are neoliberal rhetorics of “rationality,” and social media rhetorics of “reputation management” translated into people’s everyday public behaviour? How does it translate into the identity curation of public, cultural, and community institutions? What does it mean for practices of subversion and resistance?